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André Boucher
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André Boucher
2019-07-15 14:05
Thank you for your question. It's a vast question. I think you will have testimony this afternoon from experts from that specific sector of financial institutions.
I would say that from a cybersecurity perspective, the financial sector is quite mature, where we have both regulators in place and best practices that are part of the community. As cybersecurity-focused experts, we put a lot of effort into that collaboration in those best practices. We leave it to the regulators who are sector-specific to put in those minimum standards and guidelines that need to be in place, enforced and reviewed. We in fact appeal to the best and try to tease that up as much as possible for entire sectors, in this case the financial sector. The financial sector is one that's very mature. It's one where collaboration is established. It is where reputational risks are measured at their true value. Significant investments are made in that regard.
From a Canadian perspective, I would feel quite reassured that as a sector, there are both minimum standards and applications through the regulators that are in place and teams that are working at bringing the best out of enterprises so that they perform as well as possible.
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