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Lib. (ON)
Thank you.
Are there any other questions or comments?
If not, I have a question.
I'm not sure whether this is more a question of management than of design. We now have a shuttle system on the Hill that operates on a daily basis. Would that shuttle system be needed if we had the tunnels? If we don't need it, what is the cost on an annual basis of operating those shuttles, both in replacement costs for the shuttles and in operations, not only in fuel but in human resources?
Michel, go ahead.
Michel Patrice
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Michel Patrice
2022-06-23 12:33
I'm going to provide a high-level response because I don't have the details in terms of the cost, but obviously in terms of the shuttle service, which is needed for the transportation of parliamentarians and staff between various locations, during the winter—the time when the weather is not the best—there's definitely a cost.
With underground tunnel circulation, there probably will be an assessment of that service. It's going to be a decision for the future, but probably it would be stopped.
We have a number of shuttle buses, over 10, and they are quite costly. In terms of life cycling, we're trying to extend the life cycle of each of those shuttles to get the maximum usage we can, but we could definitely have significant savings in terms of both the equipment and the staff needed to operate them.
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I also think that when it comes down to accessibility, for those who might have problems walking.... We have a bunch of different mobility issues with members of the House of Commons, so I would say that within the tunnel system we would probably adopt more of an airport kind of model and have some of those golf carts that they use. I think the amount of money you would use on those versus on a bus would probably be far lower and they would be far cheaper to run in that respect.
There's opportunity for people to—
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