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2021-06-03 [p.1033]
By unanimous consent, it was ordered, — That routine motion No. 97 standing on the Order Paper in the name of the Leader of the Government in the House of Commons concerning the reappointment of Daniel Therrien as Privacy Commissioner, pursuant to Standing Order 111.1(2), be deemed adopted on division.
2021-05-10 [p.919]
Q-583 — Mr. Saroya (Markham—Unionville) — With regard to accounts locked by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) between March 13, 2021, and March 22, 2021, over concerns that usernames and passwords may have been hacked: (a) how many accounts were locked; (b) what was the average number of days impacted accounts were locked; (c) did the CRA notify each account holder in (a) that their account would be locked, and, if so, how were they contacted; (d) on what date did the CRA become aware that usernames and passwords may have been hacked; (e) how did the CRA become aware of the hacking; (f) is any recourse or compensation available to individuals whose information has been compromised as a result of their CRA information being hacked, and, if so, how do they access such recourse or compensation; and (g) have any specific measures been taken since March 13, 2021, to ensure the future safety of information shared online with the CRA, and, if so, what are the details of each measure, including the date of implementation? — Sessional Paper No. 8555-432-583.
2021-05-05 [p.898]
Q-557 — Ms. Dancho (Kildonan—St. Paul) — With regard to data breaches involving Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), including data breaches that may have involved IRCC facilities or subcontractors abroad: (a) how many data breaches have occurred at IRCC or CBSA since January 1, 2020; (b) what are the details of each breach, including the (i) description or summary of the incident and the date, (ii) number of individuals whose information was involved, (iii) whether or not individuals whose information was involved were contacted, (iv) whether or not the Privacy Commissioner was notified, (v) whether or not the RCMP was notified; (c) how many RCMP investigations related to data breaches involving IRCC or CBSA have either been initiated or are ongoing; and (d) what were the results of the investigations in (c)? — Sessional Paper No. 8555-432-557.
2021-01-25 [p.436]
Q-240 — Mr. Duncan (Stormont—Dundas—South Glengarry) — With regard to privacy breaches since November 1, 2019, broken down by department, agency, Crown corporation or other government entity: (a) how many privacy breaches have occurred; and (b) for each privacy breach, (i) was it reported to the Privacy Commissioner, (ii) how many individuals were affected, (iii) what were the dates of the privacy breach, (iv) were the individuals affected notified that their information may have been compromised and, if so, on what date and in what manner? — Sessional Paper No. 8555-432-240.
2020-11-17 [p.273]
Pursuant to Standing Orders 68(2) and 69(1), on motion of Mr. Bains (Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry), seconded by Mrs. Fortier (Minister of Middle Class Prosperity and Associate Minister of Finance), Bill C-11, An Act to enact the Consumer Privacy Protection Act and the Personal Information and Data Protection Tribunal Act and to make consequential and related amendments to other Acts, was introduced, read the first time, ordered to be printed and ordered for a second reading at the next sitting of the House.
2020-11-16 [p.248]
Q-24 — Mr. Nater (Perth—Wellington) — With regard to the responses to questions on the Order Paper earlier this year during the first session of the 43rd Parliament by the Minister of National Defence, which stated that “At this time, National Defence is unable to prepare and validate a comprehensive response” due to the COVID-19 situation: what is the Minister of National Defence’s comprehensive response to each question on the Order Paper where such a response was provided, broken down by question? — Sessional Paper No. 8555-432-24.
Results: 1 - 6 of 6

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