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2021-06-08 [p.1056]
— by Mr. Garrison (Esquimalt—Saanich—Sooke), one concerning health (No. 432-01076).
2021-05-05 [p.899]
Q-562 — Mr. Garrison (Esquimalt—Saanich—Sooke) — With regard to the government’s commitment to address the practice of conversion therapy in Canada: (a) what steps are being taken, at the federal level, to prevent this practice from taking place; (b) how, and through which programs, is the government proactively promoting and applying the Canadian Guidelines on Sexual Health Education, as an upstream prevention strategy, for affirming the sexual orientation and gender identities of LGBTQ2 young people before they may be exposed to conversion therapy; (c) what resources will the government be providing to survivors who have experienced psychological trauma and other negative effects from conversion therapy, through interventions such as counselling and peer supports programs; (d) how is the government planning to work with faith leaders, counsellors, educators and other relevant service providers to equip individuals with tools to identify and stop conversion therapy; and (e) what steps is the government taking to address numerous recommendations received from the United Nations to harmonize sexuality education curricula across jurisdictions in Canada? — Sessional Paper No. 8555-432-562.
2021-03-22 [p.662]
Pursuant to Standing Order 39(7), Mr. Lamoureux (Parliamentary Secretary to the President of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada and Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs and to the Leader of the Government in the House of Commons) presented the returns to the following questions made into orders for return:
Q-363 — Mr. Garrison (Esquimalt—Saanich—Sooke) — With regard to the Royal Canadian Navy’s frigate replacement program and the National Shipbuilding Strategy: (a) how critical is progress on the modernization of the Royal Canadian Navy to the defence of Canada and its allies; (b) what is the status of the Canadian Surface Combatant procurement project, including the (i) timelines, (ii) costs, (iii) target dates for the Royal Canadian Navy to take delivery of the frigates; (c) has the government conducted an inquiry in regards to the management, costs and associated production delays of the Canadian Surface Combatant procurement project and, if not, will the government commit to holding such an inquiry and make the results public; (d) what measures are being taken by the government to make sure that the National Shipbuilding Strategy remains on track to provide Canada’s armed forces personnel with the equipment they need to do their work in a timely and cost-effective manner; and (e) has the government considered appointing a single minister responsible for defence procurement, similar to our allies in the United Kingdom and Australia, in order to streamline military procurement and to provide better accountability to the public and, if not, will the government commit to establishing such a position? — Sessional Paper No. 8555-432-363.
2020-12-07 [p.369]
— by Mr. Garrison (Esquimalt—Saanich—Sooke), one concerning health (No. 432-00372);
2020-10-05 [p.70]
Pursuant to Standing Orders 68(2) and 69(1), on motion of Mr. Garrison (Esquimalt—Saanich—Sooke), seconded by Ms. Mathyssen (London—Fanshawe), Bill C-247, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (controlling or coercive conduct), was introduced, read the first time, ordered to be printed and ordered for a second reading at the next sitting of the House.
Results: 1 - 7 of 7

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