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2020-11-16 [p.242]
Pursuant to Standing Order 32(2), Mr. Lamoureux (Parliamentary Secretary to the President of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada and to the Leader of the Government in the House of Commons) laid upon the table, — Government responses, pursuant to Standing Order 36(8), to the following petitions:
— Nos. 432-00001, 432-00007, 432-00009, 432-00015, 432-00016, 432-00017, 432-00018, 432-00021, 432-00023, 432-00025, 432-00026, 432-00027, 432-00028, 432-00033, 432-00034, 432-00035, 432-00037, 432-00038, 432-00040, 432-00041, 432-00052 and 432-00053 concerning foreign affairs;
— Nos. 432-00002, 432-00003, 432-00012, 432-00036, 432-00043, 432-00047 and 432-00048 concerning justice;
— Nos. 432-00004 and 432-00031 concerning employment and labour;
— Nos. 432-00005 and 432-00045 concerning citizenship and immigration;
— Nos. 432-00006, 432-00008, 432-00020, 432-00022, 432-00044, 432-00050, 432-00051 and 432-00054 concerning health;
— Nos. 432-00010 and 432-00032 concerning social affairs and equality;
— No. 432-00011 concerning the democratic process;
— Nos. 432-00013 and 432-00042 concerning fisheries;
— Nos. 432-00014, 432-00019, 432-00029 and 432-00039 concerning the environment;
— Nos. 432-00024 and 432-00055 concerning government services and administration;
— No. 432-00030 concerning business and trade;
— No. 432-00046 concerning agriculture;
— No. 432-00049 concerning civil and human rights.
AbortionAlternative medicineApplication processBirthsBordersCanada Emergency Student BenefitCannabidiolCannabisCaregivers and health care professionalsChinaCitizenship and identity ...Show all topics
2020-09-24 [p.12]
— by Mr. Chiu (Steveston—Richmond East), one concerning foreign affairs (No. 432-00001);
2020-07-20 [p.509]
Q-451 — Mr. Chiu (Steveston—Richmond East) — With regard to the government’s response to the arbitrary arrests of Martin Lee and other pro-democracy leaders in Hong Kong: (a) has the Canadian Government objected to these arrests and, if so, what specific action has been taken to voice the objection; (b) what specific assurances, if any, has the government received that Canadian citizens in Hong Kong not be subject to arrest or harm in relation to the pro-democracy movement; and (c) how is Canada monitoring and ensuring that Hong Kong’s Basic Law is being upheld, including the rights, protections, and privileges it grants to democratic advocacy? — Sessional Paper No. 8555-431-451.
2020-01-27 [p.95]
Q-136 — Mr. O'Toole (Durham) — With regard to the government’s position in response to the pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong: (a) has there been any communication between the Government of Canada or its officials and the Government of China or its officials related to the demonstrations and, if so, what are the details, including (i) date, (ii) form of communications, (iii) who was involved in the communication, (iv) content of the messages sent or received; (b) what is the government’s official response to the demonstrations; and (c) what is the government’s position regarding offering asylum to pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong? — Sessional Paper No. 8555-431-136.
Results: 1 - 4 of 4

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