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2020-06-11 [p.484]
— by Mr. Davies (Vancouver Kingsway), one concerning health (No. 431-00252).
2020-05-25 [p.436]
Pursuant to Standing Order 32(2), Mr. Lamoureux (Parliamentary Secretary to the President of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada and to the Leader of the Government in the House of Commons) laid upon the table, — Government responses, pursuant to Standing Order 36(8), to the following petitions:
— Nos. 431-00127, 431-00130, 431-00142 and 431-00148 concerning health;
— Nos. 431-00128 and 431-00137 concerning agriculture;
— Nos. 431-00133, 431-00135, 431-00138, 431-00141 and 431-00151 concerning the environment;
— No. 431-00143 concerning fisheries;
— No. 431-00144 concerning foreign affairs;
— No. 431-00145 concerning consumer protection;
— Nos. 431-00146 and 431-00155 concerning social affairs and equality;
— Nos. 431-00147, 431-00152 and 431-00156 concerning Indigenous affairs;
— Nos. 431-00149, 431-00150 and 431-00157 concerning taxation;
— No. 431-00153 concerning government services and administration;
— No. 431-00154 concerning justice.
2020-03-09 [p.288]
— by Ms. Blaney (North Island—Powell River), two concerning the environment (Nos. 431-00132 and 431-00133);
2020-01-27 [p.96]
Q-145 — Mr. Williamson (New Brunswick Southwest) — With regard to Canada Post domestic mail being opened by United States customs officials: (a) does the government or Canada Post allow foreign officials to open domestic mail under any circumstances and, if so, what are those circumstances; (b) what specific measures, if any, will the government take to ensure that Canada Post domestic mail sent to or from Campobello, New Brunswick, is not opened by a foreign government's officials; and (c) has the government raised this matter with U.S. government officials and, if so, what are the details, including (i) who raised the issue, (ii) with whom was it raised, (iii) date, (iv) form, (v) what was the U.S. response? — Sessional Paper No. 8555-431-145.
Results: 1 - 4 of 4

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