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View Dean Allison Profile
2019-06-19 14:10 [p.29382]
Mr. Speaker, as we close out this session and go into another election, we often celebrate the contributions of MPs who have decided to retire from this place.
It is also important to take some time to acknowledge the incredible work done by people who serve around the parliamentary precinct. That is why I would like to recognize Marguerite Charlebois.
Marguerite has worked in the parliamentary restaurant since January 21, 1981, close to four decades. She will be retiring at the end of this week. Imagine trying to manage all of the different political parties, people and personalities and making sure they end up in the right place and at the right table so their conversations are kept private as much as possible.
Since my first days in Ottawa in 2004, Marguerite has been exceptionally pleasant, welcoming and friendly. I am not sure people realize how difficult it is for the parliamentary restaurant staff to manage their personal and professional lives around a challenging parliamentary calendar.
I think I can speak for all members in the House and our Wednesday crew, who have had the pleasure to get to know her, in wishing Marguerite all the best in everything she does in the next chapter of her life.
I thank Marguerite. I hope our paths will cross again. Marguerite is always welcome to my home town of Niagara, where I look forward to serving her.
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Mr. Speaker, this is clearly a bittersweet moment as I rise to give the last member's statement of my political career as a member of Parliament for the great constituency of Dauphin—Swan River—Neepawa. For three elections, the voters of this wonderful constituency have returned me to Ottawa to work on their behalf. The trust they have placed in me is truly humbling, and I hope that I have lived up to their expectations. My passion to do what I can to protect and defend our rural way of life remains undiminished.
I would be remiss if I did not mention my political idol, the great Duff Roblin, former premier of Manitoba. His achievements on behalf of all Manitobans have stood the test of time, and he inspired me with his vision and accomplishments. He proved to me that government can be a force for good.
To my beloved wife, Caroline, and my beautiful family, I thank them for the love, support and guidance over these years. All I can say is that I love them all. To my beautiful grandchildren, Eden, Esmee and Senon, who love nature, our farm and the outdoors as much as I do, all I can say is Papa's coming home.
View Martin Shields Profile
View Martin Shields Profile
2019-02-28 14:02 [p.25918]
Mr. Speaker, today I want to stand and recognize the director general of Encounters with Canada, Linda Brunet, who is with us here in Ottawa today. Encounters is the largest student exchange program in Canada.
Ms. Brunet has been director general of Encounters since 1999. Her leadership has made a real difference in the lives of over 100,000 young Canadians. As a volunteer for Encounters, I have seen first-hand the incredible work she is doing. Every year, thousands of youths are afforded the opportunity to visit the national capital and learn about our Canadian institutions.
Current members of Parliament for Calgary Nose Hill, Milton, Fredericton, Gatineau, Surrey Centre, Central Nova and Sturgeon River—Parkland are among the alumni of this great program.
Ms. Brunet has been pivotal in ensuring Encounters stays a dynamic, exciting experience for young Canadians. She has announced that she will be retiring on March 1. I join generations of Canadians in thanking Linda Brunet for her dedication to Encounters with Canada and wishing her all the best going forward.
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View Erin O'Toole Profile
2018-12-11 14:00 [p.24717]
Mr. Speaker, I rise to recognize the exceptional service of one of my constituents. Willie Woo retired last week after 12 years as a local and regional councillor in Clarington. His personal story is inspiring. Willie is the child of Chinese immigrants, who grew up in the apartment over the restaurant that his family operated in Newcastle, Ontario for over 30 years. A family who had to pay the head tax when they arrived saw their son grow to be the most respected leader in our community.
He also had an exceptional political slogan, “Willie Woo for You”. People from Durham know it is true: Willie was for them in hundreds of council meetings and at thousands of events where he was a champion and a positive force in politics.
He was a huge friend and adviser to me, and I will miss our annual tradition of ending Remembrance Day with a pint in the Snug pub in Newcastle. The Snug is located where his family restaurant once was.
I thank Willie for being for us, and I give my best wishes to him and Donna on their next adventure.
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Ind. (NU)
View Hunter Tootoo Profile
2018-11-07 14:04 [p.23377]
Mr. Speaker,
[Member spoke in Inuktitut]
I want to recognize a great Canadian, and, full disclosure, he is my cousin.
Jordin Tootoo learned to play hockey in our home community of Rankin Inlet. He played four seasons with the Brandon Wheat Kings before joining the Nashville Predators in 2003, becoming the first Inuk to play in the NHL. After 13 seasons, Jordin has announced his retirement from professional hockey.
Jordin has faced struggles in his life. He lost his older brother to suicide. He conquered an alcohol addiction that threatened to end his playing career. He has turned those experiences into opportunities to promote mental wellness and suicide prevention. He has always given back to Inuit and indigenous communities and now will have more time to focus on his work with indigenous youth.
Jordin is an inspiration to all indigenous people, and indeed, to all Canadians. He has shown us that one can find success in life, even in the face of tough challenges, and how to help others find their way.
Jordin's Inuk name, Kudluk, means “thunder” in Inuktitut. Long may he roar.
View Larry Maguire Profile
View Larry Maguire Profile
2018-06-20 14:07 [p.21329]
Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay tribute to my friend Ed Anderson, who recently retired as the mayor of Boissevain-Morton.
First elected to the town council in 1980, Ed then served as mayor from 1994. Altogether, that is 38 years of continuous public service. During his tenure, the community built a new water plant, a new fire hall, a new library, a new theatre, a new recycling building, and much more. When the community was in need, Ed rolled up his sleeves and attracted a physician and two new veterinarians to town. With Ed at the helm, Boissevain is now known for its beauty, winning multiple Communities in Bloom awards, including at the international level.
I want to thank Ed for his incredible commitment to the people of Boissevain. The town is certainly better off than it was 38 years ago, and that is a tribute to his leadership. I wish him all the best in his retirement and want to thank his wife Lynn and daughters Erin and Darcy for lending their father during his time of public service.
View Cathy McLeod Profile
Mr. Speaker, a little less than 10 years ago, a whirlwind blew into the other place. My good friend and a great Canadian, Nancy Greene Raine was honoured to accept the offer of a Senate appointment and to start a new chapter in her life.
Nancy brought commitment, energy, dedication, and passion to this new role. These are the same distinct qualities that brought her success as an Olympian and as an entrepreneur. Nancy has clearly made her mark on Parliament Hill. Whether it was fighting to preserve iconic lighthouses on the west coast, spearheading a comprehensive health and fitness regime on the Hill, or looking for solutions to the obesity crisis among our youth, ministers, both Conservative and Liberal, learned that she was dogged in her determination to make a difference.
It is hard to believe that she is moving on to her next adventure, and I would ask the House to join me in thanking her for all she continues to give to Canada. We will miss her.
View Stephanie Kusie Profile
View Stephanie Kusie Profile
2018-03-27 14:11 [p.18154]
Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize a citizen who has made an outstanding contribution to the Calgary Jewish community, interfaith relations, education, and to the advancement of Canada-Israel relations.
After 14 years, Judy Shapiro is retiring from her role as assistant executive director of the Calgary Jewish Federation. Judy also worked with Calgary's Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs.
While steering her community through many troubling incidents of anti-Semitism, Judy's work in human rights and Holocaust education built strong, enduring bridges between many diverse communities.
Calgary's Jewish community has been honoured to have Judy as their champion. We are grateful for her legacy of making our city a better place.
View Phil McColeman Profile
View Phil McColeman Profile
2018-02-12 14:13 [p.17045]
Mr. Speaker, it is highly unusual for a Tory to stand in this House and heap praise on a Grit, but today I must. This spring, after 18 years of serving Brantford—Brant as MPP and speaker of the Ontario legislature, Dave Levac is retiring from political life.
Dave and I share many things in common, our age, 63; our alma mater, Wilfrid Laurier University, where we both played varsity sports and enjoyed our university years together; our love for our community; and, most importantly, our joint resolve to rise above partisanship in working for the good of our communities. The spirit of co-operation comes naturally to Dave. He is larger than life, a big man with a big smile, a really big moustache, and an even bigger heart. I am proud to have been able to work with him through all these years and to call him one of my best friends.
On behalf of the people of Brantford—Brant, there is only one thing left to say: Thank you, Dave.
View Tom Lukiwski Profile
Mr. Speaker, today, Saskatchewan says goodbye to one of the most popular and admired politicians in history, Premier Brad Wall.
Hailing from Swift Current, Brad championed the Saskatchewan Party to three consecutive majority governments, including the third largest majority in history, back in 2011. He will be remembered for many things, perhaps most of all leading the province through a decade of unprecedented growth. Under Brad's leadership, Saskatchewan's population grew by more than 160,000 people, finally breaking the elusive one million person mark, back in 2012. During that same time, more than 67,000 full-time jobs were created. During that time, Saskatchewan became a place where people went to, rather than came from.
On behalf of all my colleagues in this place, and most particularly on behalf of all of us from Saskatchewan, I say thanks to Brad. He will be missed.
View Mike Lake Profile
View Mike Lake Profile
2017-10-24 14:05 [p.14463]
Mr. Speaker, last week, Albertans voted in municipal elections. In Canada's largest constituency of Edmonton—Wetaskiwin, four outstanding leaders retired after nearly a century of collective service among them. Today I rise on behalf of our shared constituents to offer heartfelt appreciation to Mayor Greg Krischke from Leduc, Mayor Camille Bérubé from Beaumont, Mayor Bill Elliot from Wetaskiwin, and Mayor John Whaley from Leduc County.
These men have been exceptional leaders, impassioned champions of their communities. Along with their council colleagues, they translated that passion into meaningful action, and the lives of the people they served were improved and will continue to improve because of their work in office. All the while, each of these mayors conducted their business with the utmost grace, compassion, and genuine goodness.
It has been an honour to serve alongside Greg, Camille, Bill, and John. May God bless them and their families as they embark on their next adventures.
View Matt Jeneroux Profile
View Matt Jeneroux Profile
2017-10-18 14:09 [p.14206]
Mr. Speaker, it is with excitement, sadness, but mostly pride that I rise today to recognize a key member of south Edmonton, Councillor Bryan Anderson.
Since 1998, we have only known one city councillor in our area, a city councillor who is better known as “Coach” instead of councillor. He began his career as a basketball coach at Harry Ainlay High School in Edmonton, but because of his desire to help and support our growing south community, he let his name stand for city council. Since then, he has been a vocal advocate of encouraging Edmontonians to live more active and healthy lifestyles.
His efforts have led to the construction of several recreation centres around our community, providing the opportunity for hundreds of kids to enjoy playing sports each and every day.
I thank Coach for all the years of service. I wish him and his family all the best as he heads into retirement.
View John Nater Profile
View John Nater Profile
2017-06-14 14:16 [p.12645]
Mr. Speaker, I rise to pay tribute to Elaine Rouleau, who will be retiring this month after more than 30 years serving the students of Carleton University, including the past 18 years as the founding administrator of the Arthur Kroeger College of Public Affairs.
While her job title may have been “administrator”, she quickly became the heart and soul of the Kroeger College, providing gentle encouragement always and a stern warning when needed. In short, she was a second mother to all.
Together with directors Eileen Saunders, Calum Carmichael, Chris Dornan and Barry Wright, Elaine has seen her students go on to leadership positions in the public and private sectors, in NGOs, international organizations, and two members of the House.
On behalf of myself, the member from Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan, and every Kroeger kid whose student experience was enriched by Elaine Rouleau, I thank her and wish her and her husband Denis a happy and healthy retirement filled with lots of time with the grandchildren.
View Chris Warkentin Profile
Mr. Speaker, Trudy Edgar has served as my executive assistant for the past 11 years. I hired her, having witnessed her dedication to our community in the 12 years she had served as assistant to my predecessor. She agreed to stay on but warned she would not stay long.
Every few years she would bring up retirement and I would agree that someday we should talk, and never bring it up again.
She has been the heart of our office. She is the first to show up and the last to leave, the person who has taught, challenged, and cared for the stream of staff that have flowed through our offices. Through good and bad, she has been the source of wisdom and encouragement for me and my family. She has served my constituents with great care and compassion.
I am thankful for the sacrifices that she, her family, and her husband, Lance, have made so she could serve.
A couple of months ago, Trudy brought up retirement again, and this time she would not let me avoid it. Trudy will be missed. She has been a caring public servant, a teacher, and a friend.
On behalf of my constituents, staff, and family, we wish her good health and many blessings in the years to come.
View Candice Bergen Profile
View Candice Bergen Profile
2017-02-23 14:13 [p.9279]
Mr. Speaker, every week, MPs from Manitoba take a flight from Winnipeg to Ottawa. In doing so, we have the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people who work at the James A. Richardson International Airport.
I stand today to recognize three of those people, Glenn, Janice, and Don, all Air Canada employees, who will be retiring at the end of the month after over three decades of service. Glenn, Janice, and Don have always had a smile on their face, a warm welcome, and an air of reassurance, as weary travellers passed by them. Whether it was due to delayed flights, bad weather, or anything else that could go wrong, these three made sure that we as Manitoba MPs and all of their customers were helped and listened to.
We all know that airlines can be frustrating at times, but people like Glenn, Janice, and Don make the experience a good one. I wish them all the best as they begin the next chapter in their lives. All the Manitoba members of Parliament who they've been so good to over the years thank them. They will be missed.
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