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I am pleased to hear that I have 14 minutes.
Thank you for being here today. I have a number of questions and I would like them to pertain to the bill, but certain issues relate to your organization and the RCMP, broadly speaking, and to the topic under consideration.
My first question relates to the lack of consistency across Canada. There are a lot of questions about the way police action is investigated, in Ontario and Quebec in particular, which have provincial police services. We have even heard that the police services in Toronto, Montreal, and other cities have significant involvement in all kinds of anti-terrorism work. Could the lack of consistency in evaluating police work and handling complaints, in both legal and practical terms, be problematic for these national investigations?
Guy Bujold
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Guy Bujold
2018-02-15 12:23
Thank you for your question. It is very interesting and it is something our agency is concerned about, whether in relation to national security or otherwise, and which has been brought to our attention through complaints from members of the public. As you said, it is not just the commission. There are similar organizations in the provinces which are also responsible for reviewing surveillance by various police services.
There is an association of the heads of those organizations. They meet fairly regularly to discuss common issues. As you rightly pointed out, Mr. Dubé, how can we ensure consistency and a standard approach to complaints that have been made about an officer from the Sûreté du Québec, the Ontario Provincial Police, or the RCMP elsewhere in the country, so that the complaint is reviewed in a similar way, regardless of the police service involved. There are conversations between these various groups to make sure that—I will use the English expression—
if it walls like a duck, it talks like a duck, looks like a duck, therefore we're going to treat it as a duck. We should treat all of them as ducks.
That is how we go about it.
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