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Lib. (PE)
Thank you, both.
Before I go to Mr. Richards, I did have a question in this area of the chief service officer. At our constituency offices—and I assume most members' constituency offices are in the same situation—we'll get where we're the last stop, and we'll get calls from constituents in tears trying to deal with CRA.
There's no front office service anymore. It used to be fine when people went in and were able to sit down with somebody—in my case, in the Charlottetown office—to talk it through and see what they could do. Maybe their bank account's been frozen, and whether for right or for wrong, there is a feeling among many constituents when they're talking to a CRA representative on the phone, after they get through the queue—sometimes they have to wait a long time—that they're treated like a criminal.
There has to be a different attitude in that regard, because then we get the calls and we try to deal with it through our contacts.
I will say that for MPs, most of the time in the contact we have with CRA, they do their best to help us out, and through that, help the constituent. I just want to put that on the table, that there is a problem for constituents in what they feel the attitude of the CRA individual is toward them. They feel like they've been treated like a criminal. It may have been an innocent mistake on their side or it may not, but their bank account may have been frozen or whatever.
I'm just telling you, that is a problem we have to deal with, Commissioner Hamilton. Will the chief service officer help in that regard? Is there any thought of bringing back front-line services at CRA offices?
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