Interventions in Committee
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You say the department works properly when one knows how it works.
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I'm very happy that you're here with us. You're the first French Canadian group representing veterans to come before us.
I have some questions for the other witnesses.
Ms. Fimrite, on the second page of your document, it says that the culture change at the department reflects a new philosophy of care, compassion, and respect that is starting to take shape and is a hopeful sign that radical changes will be made.
What are those radical changes you're talking about?
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So if the caseworkers don't fill out the forms and they're not reviewing all the processes, what are they doing, actually? What are the caseworkers doing right now? Are there any other radical changes that you have in mind?
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Thank you.
I'll be very quick now, because I have other things to mention.
Madame Fimrite, following this, I would appreciate it if you could send the committee a list of your radical changes. This is fundamental to us, and I want to know what changes you are talking about.
Mr. Cuppens and Mr. Kokkonen, on page 5, you say that Veterans Affairs Canada has totally pushed away its program evaluation directorate. Why is that so? It's completely ridiculous.
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Ms. Laverdure, if I'm not mistaken, you spoke about the fact that the Service Canada service points are not all that adequate for—
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I'll just ask the question generally, and one of the people here can answer.
When some of the offices were closed, there was a question about Service Canada being able to respond and provide services to the vets. My understanding is that one of the problems with this new situation was that in Service Canada offices, there were no specific agents who specialized in veterans' files.
If that was the case, since there are 600 or so Service Canada offices in Canada, if in some of them that deal with a lot of veterans there was an agent specialized in Veterans Affairs, would that be a good thing to have?
General, go ahead, please.
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We talk about the fact that the veterans affairs ministry should be responsible to communicate more of its programs and everything. I've been asking this question of the witnesses at each committee. In the United States, the burden of proof lies with the ministry and not the veterans. What do you people have to say about that? Should we do the same thing here, and would it probably work out a lot of the problems?
Monsieur Beaudin.
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Thank you, Mr. Chair.
Thank you all for being here this morning. I understand it's not easy and we're all aware of this.
I don't have a specific question. However, I would like to ask a question of Mr. Mitic. I'm sure we don't have enough time, but if you could start at least, we all need to know exactly what the process is like when you're released. What is your first step, second step, and third step, in terms of paperwork and so forth?
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