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Lib. (NS)
You mentioned the shipwreck off Newfoundland. Abandoned and derelict vessels are a huge concern for coastal communities. Currently, the only recourse the government has to deal with them is if they are an environmental hazard or block navigable waters. There needs to be more done in terms of what we can do with these vessels that are just being left. I wonder if you have any thoughts on further action by DFO with regard to the problem we have with over 600 derelict and abandoned vessels in Canada right now.
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Ind. (NU)
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2016-04-19 16:34
I have been asked a few times in the House about the St. Catharines piers, for example. We know that there is an issue out there. The Coast Guard will deal with wrecks and derelict or abandoned vessels where there is a pollution risk coming from it. Transport Canada will deal with it if it is posing a hazard to safe navigation. The system we have here in Canada is based on the “pollutor pay” principle. To be able to deal with it, we work in collaboration with our federal and local partners to hold these negligent vessel owners accountable to the full extent of the law. Having said that, I think our officials are sitting down and looking at how we can improve on that process or things that may be missing. These are things that we are discussing at an officials level right now between the Coast Guard and Transport Canada.
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