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The investigation has nothing to do with it because we know how the data breach happened. We also have an idea of where the data was sent, but, at the moment, that is not what we are interested in. We know that someone, somewhere on the planet, has our information and is in a position to harm us by stealing our identity. So we want to know whether our agencies can become proactively involved or, if not, what can be done.
You have a solution in my case, so that is already something that the public could be told about. It is important to do that quickly because people are not in a very good mood during their holidays. Then we will have to see if something else can be done.
The issue of the social insurance number has come up everywhere. A number of suggestions have been made. You are responsible for that file and you are saying that nothing can be done, at least not in that way. These are the answers that people need to hear. But the fact remains that we have to leave here telling people what the government can do to help, first Desjardins and second, the 2.9 million people who have been affected. We are hearing a lot about internal protocols, but, for the Canadians listening to us, that does not mean a lot. This is why I want to hear clear answers. I know that you are giving them when you can, but basically, when we leave here, we will need to know what can be done.
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