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Lib. (QC)
First, I'd like to thank you for being here today and for the work that you're doing to address post-traumatic stress disorder. I have a couple of questions, but I am going to premise my questions with an apology because it may sound harsh.
We've just heard from the Auditor General, and I have to say that I'm a little concerned when I hear that 65% of cases are overturned, but I hear that in those cases, whether it be because of a lack of documentation or errors, the payments are not retroactive.
My questions are more for the ADM. Currently are there KPIs in VAC, or is there management by objectives with employees? Do employees have a performance-based incentive? What kind of quality control is in place? If there are errors happening, is there training so that these errors stop? If it's a performance problem, are people, are their jobs... I don't want to say that people are making... But they're making mistakes on the backs of the veterans.
Who is keeping track to make sure that if errors are being made, they are being addressed, that training is provided for folks, and that you're capturing the data of what kinds of errors are happening? But what happens to the data? Is it just in a report somewhere? My concern is what's happening.
I'm sure the employees wouldn't feel so great if they were told, “Well, we're going to take 16 weeks of your salary back.” My question is, what's happening?
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