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Mr. Speaker, on Monday, 22 partners working to raise awareness about the St. Lawrence River announced the first edition of Semaine du Saint-Laurent, which will be held from June 7 to 15.
This is a commendable initiative that deserves our support, as it is impossible to imagine Quebec without the St. Lawrence. Our majestic waterway is as big as a country. Given the growing number and complexity of the environmental, economic and social challenges facing this vital artery of the Quebec nation, the Bloc Québécois has made the St. Lawrence a priority.
In 2005, and then in 2010, we conducted two major consultations with all those living along the river, and we produced well-researched reports reflecting Quebec's vision, values and ways of doing things. The Bloc Québécois' 2010-15 report makes 31 recommendations.
During the Semaine du Saint-Laurent we will again stand with all those who are committed to defending and promoting our river. Hooray for the St. Lawrence.
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