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2015-06-04 [p.2637]
Q-1170 — Mr. Byrne (Humber—St. Barbe—Baie Verte) — With regard to Marine Atlantic Incorporated, during fiscal years 1998 to 2007 and 2007-2008 to 2014-2015, respectively, while taking into consideration any transition to new accounting periods, and broken down by the specific route and by the specific vessel within the fleet that was involved: (a) how many times in each month of every year was a scheduled ferry crossing delayed, and how long did each delay last, due to (i) mechanical issues, (ii) weather related issues, (iii) a combination of weather and mechanical issues; (b) how many times in each month of every year was a scheduled crossing cancelled due to (i) mechanical issues, (ii) weather issues, (iii) other issues; (c) were there ever periods of time in which Transport Canada or Marine Atlantic Incorporated believed that Term 32 of the Terms of Union between Newfoundland and Labrador and Canada was not being fulfilled and, if so, what were these periods of time and what was understood to be the cause of the failure to fulfill this constitutional obligation; (d) did Transport Canada or Marine Atlantic ever receive advice from an outside consultant concerning the optimal ferry vessel size and vessel specifications for the Port aux Basques to North Sydney ferry service and, if so, of all the options that were analyzed, was there a particular hull size that was believed by the consultants to likely be the most optimal for operations on this service and, if so, (i) what was this hull size , (ii) what were there reasons given for this conclusion; and (e) what is the definition of the constitutional term “as traffic offers” in government documentation, and what are the specific service delivery standards or operational standards required for compliance with this constitutional obligation, in terms of traffic offering and the government delivering the transportation by means of the ferry service? — Sessional Paper No. 8555-412-1170.
2015-04-22 [p.2389]
Q-1094 — Ms. Ashton (Churchill) — With respect to the processing of Status Cards and of Secure Certificates of Indian Status by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, broken down by year from 2004 to 2014, and further broken down by (i) regular application, (ii) application under Bill C-3, Gender Equity in Indian Registration Act, (iii) number of Qalipu band members applying: (a) what is the number of applications; (b) how many are being processed; (c) how many employees are assigned to the processing of applications; (d) what is the amount budgeted for the processing of applications; (e) what is the average wait time for the processing of applications; (f) how many years behind is the processing of applications; and (g) what are the shortest and longest turnaround times on record for the processing of one application? — Sessional Paper No. 8555-412-1094.
2015-03-23 [p.2253]
Q-955 — Mr. Trudeau (Papineau) — With respect to staffing at the Department of Veterans Affairs from 2006 to 2014: (a) how many caseworkers were employed by the department, broken down by (i) specific work locations, (ii) program activities, (iii) sub-program activities, (iv) sub-sub-program activities, (v) year; and (b) what is the departmental target for caseloads for each caseworker, broken down by year? — Sessional Paper No. 8555-412-955.
2015-01-26 [p.2006]
Q-877 — Mr. Rafferty (Thunder Bay—Rainy River) — With regard to the Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario (FedNor): what are the total annual expenditures, for each fiscal year from 2004-2005 to the present, for (a) the Northern Ontario Development Program; (b) the Community Futures Program; (c) the Economic Development Initiative; (d) the Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund; (e) general administration; and (f) any other temporary or permanent program or service delivered by the FedNor during this time period that is not listed above? — Sessional Paper No. 8555-412-877.
2014-11-17 [p.1770]
Q-737 — Mr. Regan (Halifax West) — With regard to government telecommunications: since January 2012, inclusive, (a) on how many occasions was a service terminated, disconnected, or otherwise interrupted due to non-payment or overly late payment, and for each such instance, what was the type of telecommunications service, broken down by (i) internet, (ii) cellular telephone, (iii) telephone service other than cellular, (iv) other wireless services, (v) cable television, (vi) satellite television, (vii) rental or other provision of telecommunications equipment, specifying the type of equipment, (viii) other type of telecommunications service, specifying the type; (b) what was the date on which any service was terminated, disconnected, or interrupted; (c) what was the date on which service was restored or reconnected; (d) what were the costs associated with restoration or reconnection of service; (e) what was the location of the facility where service was terminated, disconnected, or otherwise interrupted; (f) what was the number of employees whose services were affected by the termination, disconnection, or interruption; (g) what type of work was undertaken at the facility where service was terminated, disconnected, or otherwise interrupted; and (h) what were the names of the service providers? — Sessional Paper No. 8555-412-737.
2014-03-24 [p.669]
Pursuant to Standing Order 39(7), Mr. Lukiwski (Parliamentary Secretary to the Leader of the Government in the House of Commons) presented the returns to the following questions made into Orders for Return:
Q-173 — Mr. Rafferty (Thunder Bay—Rainy River) — With regard to the nine regional offices of Veterans Affairs that are to be closed by February 2014 (Charlottetown, Corner Brook, Sydney, Windsor, Thunder Bay, Kelowna, Prince George, Saskatoon, and Brandon): what are the total operating costs by year for each office from 2009-2012? — Sessional Paper No. 8555-412-173.
2013-06-14 [p.3411]
— by Mr. Toone (Gaspésie—Îles-de-la-Madeleine), one concerning the Employment Insurance Program (No. 411-4233) and one concerning national parks (No. 411-4234);
2013-04-15 [p.2962]
— No. 411-3196 concerning national parks. — Sessional Paper No. 8545-411-70-04;
2013-02-25 [p.2782]
— by Mr. Sopuck (Dauphin—Swan River—Marquette), one concerning national parks (No. 411-3196);
2013-01-28 [p.2657]
Q-1068 — Mr. Stewart (Burnaby—Douglas) — With regard to the refocusing of the National Research Council (NRC) mandate: (a) what was the rationale for the refocusing on business-led, industry-relevant research; (b) what constitutes a refocusing on business-led, industry-relevant research; (c) when was the change first proposed, and by whom; (d) what consultations took place regarding this change and who was consulted; (e) what programs and employee positions will be eliminated, or be at risk of being eliminated, as a result of this change; (f) what programs and employee positions will be restructured with greater focus towards business-led, industry-relevant research; (g) how many scientific positions currently exist within the NRC and how many will exist after the restructuring; (h) what was the overhead time spent by employees at the NRC for the past five years; and (i) what funding supports will be in place for non-oriented research and development once the focusing of the mandate is complete? — Sessional Paper No. 8555-411-1068.
2012-12-10 [p.2572]
— by Mr. Toone (Gaspésie—Îles-de-la-Madeleine), one concerning national parks (No. 411-2738);
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