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2015-06-05 [p.2644]
Pursuant to Standing Order 39(7), Mr. Lukiwski (Parliamentary Secretary to the Leader of the Government in the House of Commons) presented the return to the following questions made into Orders for Return:
Q-1159 — Mr. Dewar (Ottawa Centre) — With regard to Canadian policy concerning nuclear weapons: (a) has the government of Canada communicated or consulted with any other governments about the so-called Austrian Pledge on nuclear disarmament, that was issued following the 2014 Vienna Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons, and, if so, which governments; (b) for each such communication or consultation, was it done by the Canadian government alone or in collaboration with other states, and, if the latter, which other states; (c) has the government encouraged other states to join the Austrian Pledge, and, if so, which states; (d) have other states encouraged Canada to join the Austrian Pledge, and, if so, which states; (e) what preparation has the government undertaken for the 2015 Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) Review Conference; (f) what steps has the government taken to implement the parliamentary motion adopted by unanimous consent on December 7, 2010, which “encourage[d] the Government of Canada to engage in negotiations for a nuclear weapons convention”;
(g) does official Canadian policy concerning nuclear weapons refer explicitly to the motion cited in (f); (h) has the government explicitly referenced the motion cited in (f) in any formal démarches to other countries regarding its policy on nuclear weapons; (i) as a NATO member state which has attended all three international meetings on the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons, has the government shared the findings of these meetings with other NATO members; (j) how has the government contributed to NATO efforts to reach its stated goal of a world without nuclear weapons; (k) for what reasons did the government refuse to endorse the Joint Statement on the Humanitarian Consequences of Nuclear Weapons, as delivered by New Zealand at the United Nations General Assembly on October 20, 2014; (l) does the government agree with the statement that “[i]t is in the interest of the very survival of humanity that nuclear weapons are never used again, under any circumstances”; (m) under what circumstances does the government consider that the use of nuclear weapons would be appropriate; (n) how does the government reconcile the role of nuclear weapons in Canada’s security policy with Canada’s commitments under international humanitarian law and the NPT; (o) what is the government assessment of the sustainability of deterrence as a pillar of Canada's security policy; and (p) what steps has the government taken to implement the agreement of all states party to the NPT at the 2010 Review Conference, under action 5e of the Outcome Document, to reduce reliance on nuclear weapons for security? — Sessional Paper No. 8555-412-1159.
2015-05-29 [p.2594]
— by Mr. Blaney (Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness) — Response of the government, pursuant to Standing Order 109, to the 14th Report of the Standing Committee on Public Accounts, "Chapter 2, Support for Combatting Transnational Crime, of the Fall 2014 Report of the Auditor General of Canada" (Sessional Paper No. 8510-412-182), presented to the House on Monday, February 23, 2015. — Sessional Paper No. 8512-412-182.
2015-05-06 [p.2483]
Q-1119 — Mr. Harris (St. John's East) — With regard to Canadian support being provided to Ukraine, the Declaration of Intent between the Department of National Defence of Canada and the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine of December 8, 2014, in Kiev, the subsequent deployment of Canadian military personnel to Ukraine to train Ukrainian forces, and Canada’s commitment to helping Ukraine in the strengthening of its security forces and its social and democratic institutions: (a) what activities are being carried out with the Ukrainian forces, the Ukrainian government, or civilians, with respect to (i) strengthening the capacity of Ukrainian security forces, (ii) promoting institutions that serve the wellbeing of Ukrainian society, (iii) training Ukrainian personnel in areas of policing, medical and personal protective measures, (iv) enhancing Ukrainian democratic institutions; (b) how many Canadian personnel are involved, in total and in each of the categories of activities mentioned in (a), further broken down by whether they are civilian or military; (c) are the deployed personnel members of the RCMP, the Canadian Armed Forces, or other institutions, agencies or organizations and, if so, what are these other institutions, agencies or organizations; (d) what are the measures of success used in evaluating progress on the objectives mentioned in (a); (e) what progress has been made on the objectives mentioned in (a) since the signing of the Declaration of Intent referenced above; (f) who is directly responsible for the leadership and oversight of the deployment to Ukraine; and (g) what form does the government expect future Canadian cooperation with and support to Ukraine to take? — Sessional Paper No. 8555-412-1119.
2015-02-23 [p.2161]
Mr. Christopherson (Hamilton Centre), from the Standing Committee on Public Accounts, presented the 14th Report of the Committee, "Chapter 2, Support for Combatting Transnational Crime, of the Fall 2014 Report of the Auditor General of Canada". — Sessional Paper No. 8510-412-182.
Pursuant to Standing Order 109, the Committee requested that the government table a comprehensive response.
A copy of the relevant Minutes of Proceedings (Meetings Nos. 46 and 47) was tabled.
2014-11-17 [p.1759]
— No. 412-4065 concerning human rights in Nigeria. — Sessional Paper No. 8545-412-135-01;
2014-09-26 [p.1495]
— by Mr. Dewar (Ottawa Centre), one concerning human rights in Nigeria (No. 412-4065);
2014-09-24 [p.1468]
— by Ms. May (Saanich—Gulf Islands), one concerning missing persons (No. 412-4034), one concerning navigable waters (No. 412-4035) and one concerning environmental assessment and review (No. 412-4036);
2014-09-15 [p.1362]
Q-538 — Ms. Duncan (Etobicoke North) — With respect to the government’s support to West Africa’s counter-terrorism strategy and efforts to find the Nigerian schoolgirls held by Boko Haram: (a) what support has the government provided to the Economic Community of West African States’ counter-terrorism strategy, broken down by project, including (i) start and end dates, (ii) partner organization, (iii) project rationale; (b) what support has the government provided to build Nigeria’s anti-terrorism capacities, broken down by project, including (i) start and end dates, (ii) partner organization, (iii) project rationale; (c) what specific resources has Canada sent to Nigeria to help search for the Nigerian schoolgirls, and for each resource, what is (i) the monetary value of the contribution, (ii) the date the resource was “on the ground” in Nigeria, (iii) the date until which the resource will stay; (d) in order to be invited to the Paris summit to boost the search for the Nigerian schoolgirls, were invitees required to contribute a certain value, and if so, what was the requirement; (e) did Canada receive an invitation to attend the Paris summit; and (f) did Canada attend the Paris summit, (i) if so, in what capacity, (ii) if not, why not? — Sessional Paper No. 8555-412-538.
2012-06-11 [p.1479]
Q-622 — Ms. Laverdière (Laurier-Sainte-Marie) — With regard to Canada’s examination of its participation in some international organizations, as announced in Budget 2012: (a) what international organizations are part of the examination; (b) what is the timeline for the examination; (c) who will be consulted during the examination; and (d) will the results of the examination be made public? — Sessional Paper No. 8555-411-622.
2011-10-03 [p.306]
— by Ms. Oda (Minister of International Cooperation) — Report on the Government of Canada's Official Development Assistance for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2011, pursuant to the Official Development Assistance Accountability Act, S.C. 2008, c. 17, s. 5. — Sessional Paper No. 8560-411-1022-01. (Pursuant to Standing Order 32(5), permanently referred to the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development)
Results: 1 - 12 of 12

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