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The problem is that if I'm away on other duties because I'm expected to replace the minister in debate or at an announcement, then I should have the freedom to say that Mr. Hoback can replace me at a meeting. I'd brief him, and he could replace me at the meeting. I think by going to simply the number of MPs—one from the NDP, one from the Liberals, and two from the government—and making it a little more generic, we're actually offering ourselves a bit more flexibility.
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I don't think the committee should be involved in deciding where witnesses come from or saying that they should be coming from your Ottawa office or your Alberta office or your P.E.I. office. That's for the witnesses to decide.
I do understand that maybe we should limit it to one person, and if they have a strong case for two, such as Alex's case, and they have representation from across the country and they see value, they just have to talk to you, Chair, and convince you of that.
Normally only one person talks. They only have 10 minutes for an organization, and normally we have multiple organizations at the table. It's rare that two people from one organization split their time evenly. One person is usually there in support.
Maybe it's not a bad idea to say that we should only fund one person, unless there's a good case for two, in which case we're open to that. That would mean making an amendment here to go to one representative.
Before a motion is moved, I'd like to hear a bit more debate on it to see what people think about it.
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There is some discussion, Chair. I have noticed at previous meetings that often we run out of time. It might have been the number of witnesses present at the table, so it added up to a lot of 10-minute presentations. Sometimes they go over, and you're kind enough not to cut them off, or sometimes a member goes over the allotted time during questioning.
Every member of the committee wants to participate in that committee meeting, but I remember many a time that it didn't transpire that way, because time ran out and one or two committee members never got to ask questions.
I'd like to move an amendment, as follows: “That during the questioning of witnesses, there be allocated five minutes for the first round of questioning, and that thereafter five minutes shall be allocated to each questioner in the second and subsequent rounds of questioning at the discretion of the chair”.
Basically, it's five minutes across the board. It's not seven minutes in the first round and five minutes elsewhere; it's five minutes for the first round and five minutes for all other rounds.
I think that would help to ensure that all members at the table will have the opportunity to participate in the discussion and the debate. It is difficult to be at a meeting for two hours. You might have a particular question that's pertinent to you, pertinent to the industry, pertinent to your riding, and you don't get to ask it because we're out of time.
Chair, my other experience has been that splitting five minutes is nearly impossible. People take two minutes to ask their question and then two minutes to answer it, and there goes four out of the five minutes. There's no way you can split--not effectively, not properly. You can't split a five-minute slot, and even seven minutes is very hard.
I think it's just fair. Every MP and every party would have the same. It would be five minutes around the table.
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Actually, it says that during the questioning of witnesses there be allocated five minutes--so change the “seven minutes” to “five minutes”--for the first round of questioning, and the rest stays the same.
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Yes. Witnesses have 10 minutes. There's no change there.
It's just for the first round. My amendment is to change it to five minutes from seven minutes.
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