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Thank you.
Good day, sirs. My question is directly mainly to the RCMP representatives. I may also have a question for Ms. Stoddart regarding a specific matter
Most likely you have read the bill now before the committee. I want to be certain that you understand me. Consider the following example. Some people have obtained and used a Quebec health insurance card, even though they do not live in this country. I'm sure you read about this in the newspapers. Thousands of people managed to obtain a health insurance card that entitled them to received free medical services paid by the residents of Quebec, even though they did not live in Quebec.
First of all, I would like to know if the bill will apply to fraud cases of this nature.
Secondly, we have another problem, one that is also occurring in Quebec. I'm not talking about Ontario, even though it has experienced the same thing. Foreigners managed to obtain social insurance cards that entitled them to receive a certain amount every month as well as free services. We are not dealing with identity theft in such cases. These individuals used the system fully to obtain benefits. You understand the difference.
Would the bill make it easier for the provinces or the federal government to take action against these individuals?
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