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Perhaps it would be a good idea to send your 5,000 employees a letter asking them in a diplomatic and positive way to be more vigilant because this must not happen again.
We are judging no one, and we are targeting no one. However, I am a former member of the armed forces, and they do not fool around there. Discipline is very quickly established, and, when you wage war, it works. When it does not work, it is because the government has not provided sufficient resources.
I imagine the census has always been conducted using computer systems. You mentioned the Dominion Bureau of Statistics, which existed before Statistics Canada. For issues as important as language issues, which may directly improve or undermine the welfare of any anglophone or francophone community in Canada, would it not be better to do the work by hand?
I know what I just said is extreme. However, I am a Conservative and I hate machines.
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