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Did you establish a certain discipline? I am asking you the question in good faith. Since your institution has 5,000 employees, I imagine some form of discipline is applied in accordance with a pyramid model.
We now live in a society in which the people in positions of responsibility are virtually never held to account. This creates problems in our culture and does not set a good example for young people. We are truly living in a society of non-accountability.
Will you try to determine whether a division, or indeed a particular employee, failed to do the proper review work?
You are not the person concerned, Mr. Hamel. Since you are the director general, we can assume you are not the one who conducted the review. However, I imagine you or the chief statistician potentially have the authority to dismiss people.
Do you intend to apply some sort of discipline in a specific manner? As regards the error that was discovered, if it turns out that experts did not do their job, will they be reprimanded?
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