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Thank you, Mr. Chair.
Thank you, Mr. Thibodeau, for agreeing to come here at the last minute. Thank you as well for the courage you have shown as a Canadian in addressing such a major issue and devoting your energy to it for many years. Your wife has also contributed to that effort. We have laws in Canada, and it happens that some of them are not complied with. We therefore need individuals such as you to take the initiative in these types of situations. You are simply rendering a service to society.
Since official language issues are new to me, I am in no way an expert. Pardon me then if my questions seem somewhat amateurish.
How do you view the fact that Air Canada is the only private sector company subject to the Official Languages Act?
Do you feel that every service must be bilingual?
What are your relations with companies other than Air Canada?
I do not know whether my question makes sense.
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