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Part of my next question to you was going to be on the ill-defined nature of clean tech. We've had oil and gas folks in here talking about improvements to drilling technology, for instance, running rigs on natural gas, which is at the source, where they are. We had members on this very committee who didn't think that qualified as clean technology.
You touched on it briefly, and we had Pierre Desrochers here who said of green technologies, “Often they create, I would argue, more problems than those that existed before. It's not because they're based on renewable energy sources that they are necessarily more sustainable.”
You mentioned the renewable fuels initiative, which I remember watching unfold. There were demands that the government of the day get a percentage of renewable fuels into the system, and it was considered to be unacceptable that it wouldn't happen immediately. Within five years, the policy was rejected as having caused a spike in food prices, a shortage of worldwide food supply, and a realization, as you said, that the greenhouse gas emissions or the inputs to create that fuel were just as high as traditional oil and gas.
Can you maybe explain how, in your view, we need to have the longer view, that if we don't properly consider life-cycle impacts, we're going to not only endanger the economy but our environment?
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