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Tom Oommen
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Tom Oommen
2017-05-08 16:57
Just to break it down, there are two fundamental kinds of costs. There's the infrastructure costs, and that's for building equipment and counters and that kind of stuff. All facilities have in the past paid for those, and all facilities in the future will continue to have to pay for those. Those have always been facilities-based.
Where the new agreement makes a distinction is between the existing airports that have had pre-clearance operations, and the new operations. There, in that case, it's for the new facilities. They also have to recover the cost of the U.S. CBP officers' time, so that's the difference.
Certainly, what's open to any facility that has an interest is to apply through the normal means to either federal or provincial authorities for various programs to pay for the infrastructure costs in particular. Normally, the way these things proceed is that the operating costs are covered through either putting it directly on passenger tickets, to a certain extent, or maybe recuperating it from other fees like parking fees, for instance. Operating costs are normally covered by facilities.
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