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2017-05-01 16:30
To go back to this chart, I couldn't begin to explain this as a parliamentarian, and I couldn't begin to explain this to another country. In going to other countries and asking them to explain their systems, I think we need to take a step back and fix what's right here. You said that clearly. This is too complex for families and veterans, and at some point they get that process fatigue where they say they can't do this anymore.
In particular, when we're talking about veterans of advanced age who can't access a computer, don't know how to navigate a computer, don't know how to navigate the system, they just give up, so they never receive the service.
I'll go back to something you said that's been sticking with me, and that is “a Canadian solution”. What do you think the Canadian solution is to simplifying and streamlining this so that veterans and their families can actually get the services they need here?
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