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Thank you very much. If there's any time left, I'll share it with Mr. Barlow.
We've had several meetings already, and one of the witnesses we heard from was Dr. Pierre Desrochers from the University of Toronto at Mississauga, who said:
Government has subsidized so many things that of course a few things will have succeeded...if new technologies look more efficient and have a reasonable promise of earning you a return on your investment, private investors will risk their own money and fund them.
I guess the question, based on that testimony is, why would the government risk taxpayer money to de-risk private business if private investors won't risk their own capital?
Maybe each of you could address what Dr. Desrochers said. If it's a good idea, the private sector will be there; if not, the government will subsidize it, and it may not succeed. Maybe each of you could take a run at that.
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