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Lib. (ON)
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2016-12-13 17:18
Thank you so much.
Because I have only five minutes, I'm going to ask five questions and leave it to both of you to decide what you would like to respond to.
First, you've talked about artificial intelligence, Mr. Kurland. Do you have a specific recommendation around that as we're modernizing our client services?
Second, Mr. Nurse, you have reminded us that with a modernized immigration system, you want to leave a space for the role of lawyers. Could you be more specific about what your recommendation is?
Third, part of this client modernization is looking at third party suppliers for visa offices and security. Do you have any recommendations as to what that would look like and how we can modernize that?
Fourth, private companies could take over part of the processing. Who does this well?
Fifth, we've talked about the CRA model, but does any country do it well, that we should model ourselves after?
Thank you.
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