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Richard Kurland
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Richard Kurland
2016-12-13 17:09
There are two prongs. Here's a simple, elegant, immediate, low-cost solution: all IRCC has to do is indicate the category of permanent residence and the remaining target of the year for that category, and also publish the inventory at the same time. If it's first-come, first-served processing, the applicant merely looks at their place in the queue and the available visas for that particular year, and will understand that the target is taken in that year.
If it's a multi-year planning process—which is what we are buying into—then in subsequent years the target will be known in advance. That way, the person concerned will have a reasonable expectation of the date of visa delivery.
The alternative to that is the third rail for IRCC. It is for the committee to recommend the introduction of the User Fees Act to cover IRCC. That act requires the publication of a processing period when you pay money for a government service. IRCC is exempted from the application of the User Fees Act.
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