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David Nurse
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David Nurse
2016-12-13 17:06
Can I speak to that? I don't know whether it's even in the realm of possibility for the government, but I would certainly encourage them to consider it, even if looking at specific locations.
We pay a lot of money to visa application centres, a third-party operator operating overseas, to assist people in navigating our system. In my view, there's no reason we couldn't look at something along those lines.
I will give you one brief story that connects with this. When I worked with Nova Scotia immigration, CIC closed and literally walled up what was previously the open centre in Halifax, and it resulted in a dramatic increase in walk-in traffic in my then office, because people had a history of coming there. To me, a new immigrant would find it very jarring to come to the place where they once came for information to find a wall. It's a bad message and an unfortunate change that occurred.
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