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Richard Kurland
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Richard Kurland
2016-12-13 16:49
Why, yes.
The question for members of Parliament is, do you have the same level of demand for CRA-related cases? How is it that there's no special hotline into CRA, just immigration? As long as you accept this, it will continue.
One way is to go public, which is not difficult for a member of Parliament. It is IRCC off-loading on your offices, as members of Parliament, the task of duly informing status updates for IRCC's clientele. IRCC knows full well the identical information can be obtained the same way using authorized third-party representatives rather than your staff. I know of no reason that a regulated professional, provincially or federally, cannot step up to the plate and use the same phone number contacts you presently use to obtain the same information without your resource usage. There is no logical reason.
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