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Loly Rico
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Loly Rico
2016-12-13 15:57
Yes. It's still happening. I think that one of the problems that we see is that even though there is a system, it looks as if there is not clear communication in the call centre, because when you or even the clients make these phone calls, sometimes they say “There is nothing we they can say” or they will say they cannot give you that information or they say it is in process. Then, a few hours later, you go to your house and the work permit is in the mail, or they may even say they sent you the work permit, but the work permit still hasn't been sent.
I think we are now into the technological process, but we have been seeing there is still not clear communication among the different officers who are working on the file and the call centre. One of the challenges with the call centre and the website is that the person wants to know how their process is going, and when they call the call centre, they only say it's in process and they cannot explain what's going on. That makes for a lot of anxiety for the client.
Also, on the website—I totally agree with my colleague—there are only four categories, and when they say it's in process, you can keep seeing that the file is in process for six months or a year. That's one of the challenges we have been seeing.
Still you have the same answers that we have as community workers. Sometimes we look as if we don't know anything.
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