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Lib. (ON)
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2016-12-08 16:54
I think what you're highlighting for me is that language really is an issue, even for people who have been here for many, many years. Often they just understand things differently, and maybe that's why they ask the same questions. It's something I will be pondering as we go through this study, about how we can continue to address that and better serve. I would just encourage continued feedback from the front lines, because I do think they know where they're at.
My second question is around the error rate in applications that come in. At times I hear that if people have one thing wrong on their application, their application is just set aside. They don't always have to start from the beginning, but in some cases it majorly delays their application. Do you actually monitor the error rate for each application process for visas, for express entry, for permanent residence, for Canadian applications? Do you actually have an error rate for each, and then what do you do with that? Do you say, “Oh, this has reached a high level, so let's look at the actual application to see where it is we're finding the errors”, and then actually make changes? Perhaps someone could address that.
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