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Michelle Lattimore
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Michelle Lattimore
2016-12-08 16:53
Madam Vice-Chair, we have in fact consulted with our agents. It was one of the first undertakings when we established our client experience area of focus in September 2015. They were expressing dissatisfaction. They felt they could not help callers the way they wanted to. That was certainly impacting wellness, I would say, at the call centre, in a way that we weren't comfortable with.
They have been our allies in making changes at the call centre. They have been very supportive to date of the efforts we have made to give them additional tools. I think soft skills training has been really important. We do provide our agents with 23 weeks of training. It's quite an extensive process, but we realized that sometimes what they really need is more training in how to talk to people, how to phrase things, how to question properly.
We understand from them as well that sometimes there's the perception that inconsistent information is being delivered, when actually it's because the agents haven't been able to get at the core of what the clients are really trying to ask. Sometimes that's a language barrier. We need to provide agents with tools to help them get at the core so that if clients calling us two or three times are asking the same question every time, the agent's understanding is the same every time.
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