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Lib. (ON)
Much of the volume of the constituency cases I have in my office, and I think for most of my colleagues as well, with regard to immigration is simply requests for information. People want to know where they are in the process, at what stage their application is. All they can find online is that the case is in process, and it will continue to say that for months and sometimes over a year. We can get more information when we inquire on their behalf, but sometimes we get the same answer, that it is in process.
Sometimes we are told that security screening is happening or they are waiting for the medical. Could this information not be made available to the applicants online rather than just saying that it's in process, so applicants can know at what stage their application is? For example, in any particular case, if you have five stages, they could know if they have passed the second stage and are on the third.
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