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Robert Orr
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Robert Orr
2016-12-08 16:25
We're very conscious of some of the issues in Chandigarh, and I've had the opportunity to visit Chandigarh twice in the last six months. I think there are a number of issues there. One of the big things we are trying to do is, again, this idea of work sharing across the network, so that when there is a particular surge in an office like Chandigarh, we're able to spread the work to places, perhaps larger offices, that are able to respond to that increase in applications.
In the India network this year, the volume was up dramatically on the temporary resident side, and for students it was up by over 70%. That is inevitably going to have an impact on how well and how quickly we're able to get through all the applications. We're back now to being well within service standards for both temporary residents and students, and in fact we were by the end of September, despite the vast increase, and we're determined to do our best to maintain service standards in the Chandigarh and India network.
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