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Lib. (ON)
Mr. Butler, under clause 13, proposed subsection section 52.1(2) says,
(2) The Minister shall, in the prescribed manner, inform the member or veteran of their right to make an election under subsection (1).
Then it goes on to say,
(3) If the member or veteran fails to make the election, the amount of the disability award is to be paid as a lump sum.
You talk about the fact that these men or women went to war and did all these great, brave things for us, and they're smart people, so how could they come home and then not have the capacity to make the right decision when it comes to whether or not they will receive a lump-sum payment. But if the person coming back is emotionally unstable as a result of his experience--and we know that from some of the other awards--they've squandered the money at the time because they emotionally weren't as stable as they might have been at a later date. You're offering flexibility here, when you clearly see an individual who is not well, is there any way of delaying making that decision and instead starting with an enhanced monthly payment and kind of delaying that whole lump sum? Because a year from that particular time the person may be much more stable and able to make a more competent decision. Within all of this, is there flexibility there for some extra hand-holding, you might call it?
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