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I have to say, Ms. Thompson, I'm frustrated at the generality of your responses. I think what Canadians are looking for is a very specific explanation of how these rules work, and that is what we've been failing to get for so many months now. It's incredibly frustrating.
I'm a layperson. I'm not an epidemiologist. I'm not a health professional of any kind. I studied glaciers in university, but I feel like I should be able to understand what we're trying to do with these rules, and the explanation is not making sense. Can you try again to tell us how keeping people off of airplanes and off of trains very specifically protected them or protected the people around them?
I'm failing to see it. I thought I understood the mechanism, which was, if you are unvaccinated and carrying the virus, there is less chance of you transmitting it to people around you. I think that's how most Canadians understood those rules to work. In addition, there is this piece around trying to convince people to get vaccinated. However, the piece around transmission is particularly interesting because of what we've been told about how the virus evolved and the changing impact on transmission.
I'm looking for something here, because I'm not clear on how these rules were supposed to work.
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