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Thank you, Mr. Chair.
I'd like to start by thanking all of our witnesses for their work over the past years in what have been some pretty extraordinary circumstances for our country.
I'd like to pick up where my colleague, Mr. Garon, left off on talking about the travel mandates. This issue has affected a lot of people in the riding I represent. I know that several of those measures have since been lifted, but at the same time, people are frustrated by the lack of explanation as to what the criteria were and how the decision-making process worked.
I'd like to start by going back to earlier in the pandemic when the vaccine became widely available and the government chose to put the vaccine mandate for domestic travel in place. These were rules that prevented unvaccinated people from travelling on airplanes and trains within the country.
Ms. Thompson, could you speak to how those rules were designed to work? I'm trying to get at the heart of this. What is the mechanism or what was the specific risk that was being managed when those rules were first brought in?
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