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Thank you, Mr. Chair.
I have one last comment. I'm not trying to prolong the meeting. I know the honourable members may have questions for the witnesses, but I need you or the clerk to clarify something for me, please.
On Monday, just before the vote, I asked a question. I checked the transcript to make sure I was remembering correctly, and here's what I said.
I want to make sure that we are all agreeing on the same thing: we are going to hear from the experts after we have heard from the two Ministers. That order is important, because the experts will be reacting to the Ministers' comments.I see nodding.I just want to make sure that, if, for any particular reason, the Liberals are not able to convince the Ministers to be here on Friday, they will come on Monday and the meeting with the experts will simply be put back.
After that, I said thank you, because I could see members nodding.
Then, Mr. Chair, you said this:
“I don't need to repeat that, correct? I see enough nodding heads around the room. It's a critical mass of nods, if I could use the term, to proceed in that way.”
I just want to make sure that I am clear on what all the members of the committee agreed on.
Once we get the information from you, Mr. Chair, and once all those who wish to comment have, we can proceed and hear from the witnesses who are here today.
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