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Lib. (NL)
Hello, everyone, and welcome back to this meeting.
I want to apologize to those listening abroad to this webcast. We had some technical difficulties as we went down. These seem to be fixed, and everything seems to be okay. We'll keep you posted.
Ms. Harder, I may have a suggestion for you. The reason I couldn't let you expand on the points you were making is that in the beginning you put up your hand and I asked whether you were on a point of order. You said yes, and we moved from there, so this is probably as much my fault as yours.
That being said, if you wish to bring up the points that you wish to make, you may proceed when these proceedings and the debate begin.
I'm going to call for amendment G-10, which reminds me to tell everyone, don't forget about the “raise hand” function on the side, because it makes life a lot easier for me and everyone else technically. Also, let's not try to talk over each other. Because of interpretation, it makes life extremely difficult, and also for our folks at Hansard it makes it very difficult.
Ms. Harder.
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