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Lib. (ON)
Thank you, Mr. Van Bynen. It's a great question. Thank you for your support all the way.
You're right. We need to consult with the indigenous stakeholders as well because, as you know, on reserve and in indigenous populations there are higher rates than with any others. We need to consult with indigenous stakeholders, provinces and territories. The government needs to consult with the stakeholders such as Diabetes Canada and JDRF and listen to the proposals.
Ms. Hanson mentioned diabetes 360°, which we all supported in the HESA committee. It has very good aspects and I hope it can address many indigenous concerns as well.
There have been consultations on subjects that help those with diabetes. For other aspects, like Canada's food guide, there has not been a national holistic consultation called for, and that is why my bill calls for that. It would bring together both levels of government, indigenous partners and other stakeholders with the common goal of creating a national diabetes strategy, which I'm asking for in my bill, Bill C-237.
It's also to address Canadians of all different ages and demographics, and will be sensitive to cultures and socio-economic backgrounds, too.
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