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Lib. (ON)
Thank you, Mr. Thériault.
Why it is important is, as I mentioned even in my speech, in my home riding of Brampton, one in six Bramptonians are living with diabetes. Many more are prediabetic or undiagnosed. As you know, Brampton is home to a large South Asian population that is impacted by diabetes. We also have a large Black community, which is twice as likely to have diabetes.
The number of people in Peel Region living with diabetes doubled between 1996 and 2015. That's what the data shows there. That is why Brampton city council is very supportive. They know what's happening on the ground, and that is why they endorsed my bill. It is so important. The programs are not working well. We need this strategy.
Mr. Chair and Mr. Davies were there last term when we did a diabetes study in the last HESA. We made recommendations. There are always other factors like genetics and environment, but type 2 diabetes is often preventable with healthy eating, active living, education and awareness. That is why, if someone is aware of the early signs, they can maybe prevent this disease or maybe they can delay onset of the disease. Long-term consequences are more dangerous. Cultural sensitivity is another thing. That is why it's so important to bring this strategy now.
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