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Thank you, Mr. Chair.
Welcome to the witnesses. I am pleased that we were able to meet again so quickly.
My first question is for Ms. McGee.
Thank you for your testimony. You talked about the issues of homelessness and social housing. You have this particular organization in Alberta, but I think these are important concerns in every province. They were important before the pandemic, but they have become even more pressing during the pandemic. Earlier, you said that you are a leader.
If I understood correctly, you said that community organizations sometimes see confusion between levels of government. You believe that we should let organizations govern because they are able to better understand the needs of the community. As we have seen, ecosystems in every province have a role to play in meeting the demand when it comes to both homelessness and social housing.
Don't you think that agencies and provinces should be allowed to lead and that the federal government should support them with funding?
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