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Thanks very much, Mr. Chair.
Thanks to all our witnesses, and we hope your families are safe and healthy.
I'm going to start with Mr. Lewis. I represent part of Hollywood North in Burnaby, British Columbia. It has more studio space than anywhere else in Canada, so IATSE is extremely important to our community.
I'm in constant touch with people from the sector. Jagmeet Singh is the neighbouring MP, and we fought very hard to make sure that the CERB was extended, but that's only a temporary solution.
You've outlined a number of things that should be the next steps. One of them is having access to UBI, a universal basic income, so that artists and folks in the film sector are not worried about whether or not next month everything will be cut off. You've also talked about a variety of supports that can be put into place.
How important is it that the government act now to make sure that our film industry and arts industry can thrive coming out of this pandemic?
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