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Thank you very much, Mr. Chair.
I'm glad folks are proud of the banking system, but when we have a society where almost half the families are $200 from insolvency and families are in record levels of critical family debt, there's obviously a problem. I think the emphasis should be less on making sure we have a great banking system, a gold-plated banking system, and a lot more on actually helping the people who are struggling to get through this pandemic.
My question for you, Mr. Macdonald, is about coming through the pandemic and coming out of the pandemic. One of the big problems is the fact that we have mass abuse of overseas tax havens. I questioned CRA on Tuesday, and they admitted that they don't even have the tools to prosecute companies that are openly engaging in tax evasion through the use of tax havens. The Parliamentary Budget Officer, as you know, evaluates that we lose $25 billion a year, which could go into education, health care, affordable housing and all those things that make a society great.
You framed the issue of either cutting services or having a taxation system that actually responds to the needs of Canadians. How important is it to actually get a grip on these overseas tax havens? How important is it to do things like the wealth tax and make sure that we have a fair tax system in this country so that we're not getting to the point of cutting services but rather enhancing them, not only for a better quality of life but also because it makes smart economic sense?
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