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Thank you so much.
The $5 billion that banks have made so far during this pandemic is something that the public certainly observes.
The PBO has just produced a report that is shocking to most Canadians. It shows the concentration of wealth as being much higher, as I'm sure you're aware, than the former government's statistics indicated: 25% of the wealth in the hands of the top 1%.
Do you feel that one of the things we need to do, as we come through this pandemic and out of this pandemic, is envisage a wealth tax on that massive concentration of wealth? Certainly, the Broadbent Institute did an opinion poll, and even the majority of Conservative voters now believe in a wealth tax.
Do you think a measure like that could make a difference in starting to hit this record level of inequality that we're seeing in our country, and build a broader-based, more equal society?
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