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Thank you.
The transition period is certainly going to be crucial, and it will be equally important to define the transition measures. The example was given of the Canada emergency response benefit, which is not adjusted for income. If you earn $1,001, you lose everything. It makes no sense. In the first few weeks, the government said it was unable to make these changes, and we understood that, but it has been more than three months now. We have to encourage people to go back to work.
Before I ask questions about what happens next, I would like to go back to one part of your presentation. You said that, because of the pandemic, the economy was voluntarily put on hold, but that we will be able to get it back on track and that it could go well. However, I am concerned that certain sectors of the economy will not be able to regain the same level of activity. Habits will have changed. The post-crisis period will not be the same as the pre-crisis period. Your colleagues mentioned that.
What will we do about struggling sectors? Take, for example, local businesses, assuming that people stay in the habit of making more online purchases. These are important jobs, businesses and services.
What do you think the government could do to support people in sectors that will not regain the level of activity they had before the pandemic?
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