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2020-06-16 15:04
We're good to go.
Again, for the benefit of the witnesses who are here for the first time in a House of Commons virtual committee meeting, I should remind you all of a few rules to follow.
Interpretation in this video conference will work very much like in a regular committee meeting. You have the choice at the bottom of your screen of floor, English or French. As you are speaking, if you plan to alternate from one language to the other, you will need to also switch the interpretation channel so it aligns with the language you are speaking. You may want to allow for a short pause when switching languages.
Before speaking, please wait until I recognize you by name. When you are ready to speak, you can click on the microphone icon to activate your mike. When you are not speaking, your mike should be on mute because we do get some feedback.
The use of headsets is strongly encouraged.
Finally, when speaking please speak slowly and clearly.
Should any technical challenges arise, for example, in relation to interpretation or a problem with your audio, please advise the chair immediately and the technical team will work to resolve them. Please note that we may need to suspend during these times as we need to ensure all members are able to participate fully.
Before we get started, can everyone click on their screen in the top right-hand corner and ensure they're on gallery view? With this view, you should be able to see all the participants in a grid view. It will ensure that all video participants can see one another.
For this portion of the meeting we're joined by Melanie Sonnenberg, president of the Canadian Independent Fish Harvesters Federation. As well, from the Gulf Nova Scotia Bonafide Fishermen's Association, we have president Duane Boudreau. From the Membertou Development Corporation, we have Chief Terrance Paul, chief executive officer.
Witnesses, thank you for joining.
We'll now go to Melanie Sonnenberg for six minutes or less, for her opening statement, please.
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