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2020-06-16 14:18
Yes, we will continue.
You can listen to the audio. We don't necessarily have to see your face.
If you still want to participate or if you want to call IT, you certainly can.
I'll just answer one question that you did have, Mr. Cormier, with regard to witnesses who are on the list but are not appearing today, or who didn't have the opportunity or whatever.
The staff earlier in the day, I think around 11:30 this morning, contacted one witness in particular. The Internet connection was not stable, so they couldn't do the usual tests to get things done. They advised that the testimony can be sent in writing and that it will be distributed to all the members.
It's very difficult. I think that one of the challenges in doing the meetings the way we're doing them is the fact that people have to have a stable Internet connection to be able to participate properly, by voice only and as well by video conference.
We'll keep working on that. We will try to make sure, if we can, to include the witnesses as we move forward with this study. We'll do everything possible to make sure that the witnesses have an opportunity to testify by video conference, if at all possible. I hope that answers your question.
Now we'll go to Jean Lanteigne.
You have six minutes or less for your opening statement, please.
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