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Thank you.
I'd like to direct my questions to Ms. Barnes, especially because of her ability to speak with a proper microphone.
I just want to say that it has been my unlucky pleasure to have to deal with the CFIA back in the day when I was farming, so it's interesting to have this opportunity to ask some questions.
It was mentioned in the presentation that you “took immediate and decisive action to protect the integrity of Canada's food supply”. I wonder if you can tell me why I'm hearing very different stories from poultry processors here in B.C.
When a few of our processors had to shut down due to COVID-19 outbreaks, the other processing plant stepped in to fill the gaps by doing a lot of overtime, but their CFIA inspectors were unwilling to help out. They were demanding two weeks' notice for overtime work, which of course is not feasible in a pandemic. Why were they refusing to do overtime in the beginning?
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