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2020-06-17 16:20
Thank you, Mr. Chair. Two and a half minutes isn't a long time.
Ms. Robinson, I'd like to talk about seasonal foreign workers.
Many farmers in my riding view the government's handling of the program this year as a fiasco.
On one hand, the government announced, in mid-March, that foreign workers were allowed to come to Canada, but on the other hand, it put the responsibility for their quarantine on farmers.
The government gave them $1,500, but it's not a lump sum payment. Farmers with small and medium-sized operations had to modify their facilities and fill in paperwork when they should have been out in the fields. They had to fill in paperwork justifying their costs simply to get the $1,500.
Earlier, my fellow member asked about what we should expect in the fall. Most farmers have sown half their fields. By the end of May, only half of the foreign workers had arrived.
Don't you think that's a fiasco? What should the government have done differently to prevent that from happening?
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